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These frustrating processes are time-consuming and may even result in lost opportunities. In fact, simplicity may be the very key to successful trading and simple pattern formation might work better than you think!

For more than 400 years, the traditional way of charting using Candlestick and Breakout Pattern analysis has prevailed above all other forms of technical analysis.

While technology and modern technicals have only made things more complicated and unreliable, the traditional time-tested simplicity of Candlesticks and Breakouts remains the choice favorite method of price analysis amongst professionals.

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How to Apply Japanese Candlestick Analysis
to Increase the Reliability of Your Trades

Whether you're a long-term investor, short-term speculator or day trader, Candlestick Patterns will give you the advantage of understanding why the market does what it does.

Candlesticks clearly display the open, high, low, and closing prices much clearer than the conventional chart-bar. In groups or as a stand-alone, candlesticks form patterns that, if properly translated, gives the knowledgeable investor an insight into the psychology of the market.

Such patterns reveal the level of fear, greed and confusion within the security of the market.

Example #1:
Understanding the "Evening Star"

The Evening Star is one of the most reliable patterns for reversing an uptrend into a downtrend.


A long bullish candle at the top of an uptrend is followed by a gap up the next session and finishes with a small candle (regardless of colour). The third session gaps down into a bearish candle that closes in the lower half of the bullish candle.


After a strong trend, a gap away from the trend indicates a sudden increase in conviction. But the conviction stalls and the session ends with a small candle or Spinning Top. The third session sees a reversal of sentiment with a gap in the opposite direction. This is normally accompanied by better than average volumes and increased volatility.

The Evening Star is just one out of 72 Candlestick Patterns that you can analyse to get the winning edge and minimise your risk

Join us for the Candlestick & Breakout Patterns Workshop and discover how to read the psychology in a chart to understand the Greed, Fear, Confusion, Commitment, Doubt and other emotions!

Join Us for this Workshop and Learn to
Apply All 72 Candlestick Patterns, Including...
#9 Dark Cloud Cover
#17 Bearish Deaisen
#45 Upside Tasuki Gap
#47 Furiwake
#55 Bearish Harami
#72 Long Dawn Line
How to Apply Breakout Patterns Analysis
to Anticipate Opportunities... Before They Even Happen

Whether you're a long-term investor, short-term speculator or day trader, understanding the psychology behind Breakout Patterns will give you the edge in anticipating opportunities before they happen.

Breakout Patterns are age-old, time-tested and highly reliable techniques of identifying charting patterns that allow investors to make low-risk judgment calls on the future direction of their investments.

Breakout Patterns hide precious information that, when properly interpreted, reveal to the informed and savvy investor, the fear, doubt, greed, intent, euphoria, panic and many other emotions that are likely to influence the direction of the investment.

Example #2:
Understanding the "Bullish Flag"

Flags are common and reliable breakout patterns that signal a continuation pattern in a strong up trending market.

They are short-term congestion patterns that form within two to three trading weeks.


The Flag is formed after a sharp price movement up (known as the Flagpole) then consolidates sideways. It is rectangular and may slope downwards or move horizontally against the previous trend.

The two parallel lines that form the Flag serve as the support and resistance lines. Volumes for the sharp advance should be heavy and declines as the Flag is being formed. 

Once the price breaks out of the resistance line, the initial trend resumes as the rally accelerates. The breakout is often accompanies by heavier volumes.


A pause/consolidation after a sharp price movement allows the security to "rest" and gather strength for momentum before it moves forward to make a new high.

Huge volumes upon the breakout confirms the commitment of the Bulls.


Add the height of the Flagpole (Point B minus Point A) to the breakout point.

For example, if the price movement from Point A to Point B is 5 points, add 5 points to the breakout point (Point D) to get the price target of Point E.

The Bullish Flag is just one out of 36 Breakout Patterns that you can analyse to find out when and how to make reliable, low-risk entries

Join us for the Candlestick & Breakout Patterns Workshop and learn how
 to identify charting patterns to make low-risk judgment calls on the future directions of your investment.

Join Us for this Workshop and Learn to
Apply All 36 Breakout Patterns, Including...
#6 Bearish Pennant
in a Downtrend
#11 Bullish Cup & Handle
in an Uptrend
#25 Inverted Head & Shoulders
in a Downtrend

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About Conrad Alvin Lim

Conrad, 50, is Singapore's longest-enduring and leading educator on finance & economics for trading, investing and business.

As the resident financial mentor with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group since 2006, he has taught over 2,000 students, remisiers and professionals in the art & science of trading. 

He is highly sought-after for his intimate knowledge of Technical Analysis, Macroeconomics, Sector Rotation and short-term trading techniques including Swing Trading, Day Trading and Scalping. He's also known for his unique application of Fibonacci and defensive approach to Trading Psychology. 

Conrad traded the flat and volatile markets of 2004 to 2006 and 2010 to 2011, the bull runs of 2007 and 2009 and the second worst crash in stock market history in 2008. He trades equities, currencies and commodities with instruments such as options and futures.

Conrad is the:

  • #1 bestselling co-author of Secrets of Millionaire Investors (2007), alongside Adam Khoo
  • #1 bestselling co-author of Profit from the Panic (2009), alongside Adam Khoo & Ryan Huang
  • Bestselling author of Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders (2009) and Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders (2014)
  • Creator of Candlestick Patterns and Breakout Patterns Quick Reference Cards, which have sold over 20,000 copies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

He has been a regular contributor to INVEST Magazine (ShareInvestor) and has appeared on Channel NewsAsia’s ‘Cents & Sensibilities’ and ‘Primetime Morning’. He is a regular speaker at ShareInvestor’s InvestFair, the ATIC, Investor’s Exchange and has been a repeat guest speaker at Malaysia’s Bursa (Exchange), Singapore NTU’s Alumni, Singapore Instituteof Management, CIMB, NTUC, Wealth Expo and more.

Today, Conrad runs his own Pattern Trader Tutorial, a complete and holistic Finance and Economics programme for the all-round financier, complete with hands-on tutelage sessions, specialty sessions and private sessions for individuals and corporations.

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