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Forex Online Masterclass: Secrets of Winning Forex Traders
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Stock Investors/Traders
who want to go into Forex without wasting time & money on strategies that don't work.
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What You Will Learn in This Content-Rich Webinar:
  •  How you can achieve 5 – 25% trading profits a month by building a profitable Forex home business with Adam Khoo’s proven strategy.
  •  Adam Khoo’s little-known price action Forex strategies (there’s 4 of them!!) that any trader can learn to profit in any market condition… day after day
  •  Discover Adam Khoo’s hidden technique that lets traders take Forex profits within 3 minutes by catching price spikes at pinpoint moments.
  •  The simplest way to grasp Forex trading… even if you have zero financial background.
  •  Secrets of Technical Analysis: How to read price trends like a pro and know which way the currency pairs are going.
  •  The 4 kinds of Forex winners and how to find the trading method that suits your lifestyle.
  •  3 Points in every Forex trade you MUST know to lock in profits and avoid ever burning your capital.
  •  How to build a powerful trading plan that averages 15% profits a month, achievable with just 50% winning trades!
BONUS! Each webinar attendee will receive Adam Khoo's exclusive "Forex Position Sizing Calculator" worth USD 127
BONUS #1: exclusive trade journal for Attendees Who attend the FULL webinar
Back by popular demand, we are giving away the Trade Journal (template) used by Adam Khoo and all his students. You can use it to study, spot and cut off bad trading habits.
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BONUS #2: Navigate the waters in 2018 with adam's outlook and opportunities
Learn how you can navigate the waters while trading the markets with this exclusive outlook 2018 and opportunities that Adam will be sharing during this webinar.
Are You A Bull Or Bear In 2018 ?
After the subprime mortgage crisis, the stock market has been on a 9 year bull run. Will 2018 see more gains or are we on the verge of a bear market ?
Regardless of a bull or bear market, you can achieve consistent profits by learning how to swing trade long positions (making money as price moves up) and trade short positions (making money as price fall).
Rave Reviews from Students Around the World

"8 - 12% Profits per Month"

Before learning from you, I was trading Forex and losing more than the profit I was making. Your strategy was an eye-opener for me. It's simple and not time-consuming. Now I make 8 - 12% a month with the technique and money management you've taught me. Thank you Adam!
- Hardi Sunoto, Indonesia

"Managing a US$5 Million Forex Portfolio"

Thank you for what you have done for me. I enjoyed your lessons, especially on psychology and statistics in trading. After I learnt your techniques, my boss approved me to manage a Forex investment portfolio of US$5 million. Thanks Adam!
- Vu Duy Thang, Vietnam
Meet the Mentor to over 8,000 traders with Over 5 Million Views on YouTube
  •  Since 2005, he has trained over 12,000 investors and traders from 62 countries to achieve consistent profits in stocks and Forex
  •  Clocked over 5 million views on his trading tutorials on YouTube, in just 2 years
  •  His channel recently ranked 12 on Feedspot’s “Top 100 Trading Youtube Channels for Traders” and is one of the fastest growing trading channels with over 100,000 subscribers now
  •  Best-selling author of 16 books that have sold over 500,000 copies worldwide, including Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires and Winning the Game of Stocks! 
  •  Was voted “Most Preferred Investment Speaker” in 2016 and 2017 by thousands of retail investors at Singapore’s ShareInvestor Awards 
  •  Self-made millionaire by age 26, and ranked among “Top 25 Richest Singaporeans under 40” by The Executive magazine in 2007 
  •  Was interviewed on Channel NewsAsia in 2009 when he called the bottom of the US Subprime Mortgage Crisis and taught audiences to buy before the markets’ recovery.
This webinar is purely for educational purposes only. 
Please note that stock trading and trading in other leveraged products involves a significant level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Before undertaking any such transactions you should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and if necessary seek independent advice from your financial adviser. Any opinions, news, research, alert, analyses, prices or other information are provided as general market commentary and do not constitute investment advice.