Attention Forex Traders:

Here's a Little-Known Strategy that Is Helping Hundreds of
Smart, Seasoned Traders Anticipate Future Price Levels with High Accuracy, Achieve Risk-Reward > 1:3 Secure Great Profit Margins... All While Using ZERO Indicators  
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Attention Forex Traders:

Here's a Little-Known Strategy that Is Helping Hundreds of
Smart, Seasoned Traders Anticipate Future Price Levels with High Accuracy, Achieve Risk-Reward > 1:3 Secure Great Profit Margins... All While Using ZERO Indicators  
Reserve Your Seat to My Free Introductory Workshop!
Limited to 30 seats each session, reserve yours now!
18 Jul 2018 (Wed)

7pm to 10pm
(Registration Starts at 6.30pm)

Venue: 51 Cuppage Road
#06-16 Singapore 229469
(Behind Centrepoint)
Nearest MRT: Somerset
100% Privacy Guaranteed
Hi there, my name is Benny Liang.
Thank you for visiting my page.
I believe you’re reading this right now because you’re looking for a powerful, effective Forex trading method that can help you create a consistent and reliable income stream for yourself and your family. 
Does this sound like you?

I’ve reached a point in my life where I realised my savings are not enough to support my retirement. I want to take action now to change my future.

I’m afraid I’d lose my job suddenly and I want to learn how to trade profitably to build a safety net for my family’s income. 

I see people making healthy profits in the Forex market and I keep thinking “How do they do it? I want to do this too.”   

I’ve read a number of Forex books and even attended a trading course, but the methods are confusing, troublesome and have not been working for me.

Using my current method, I find that the market is moving too slowly. I want a strategy that can give me more profits in a shorter time frame.

I’ve been trading Forex for years, but my method is not helping to generate the profits I want. In fact, my earnings are decreasing year after year.
If you’re nodding along to any of these points… know that you’re not alone. I was facing the exact same situation many years back! As you read on, I'm going to share with you my "secret strategy" that can help you maximise your FX trading returns and turn you into a happy, smart & profit-making trader.
My Story:
How I Went from Public Servant to Full-Time Profitable Trader

Back then I was a Navy serviceman (and a very hardworking one). I liked my job, but as time passed I started to wonder, “Is this the best I can do?”

I knew; if I wanted financial freedom, I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I had to start taking active steps to get there.

So after saving up for a few years, I plucked up the courage to start my own company and became the humble owner of a timber business.  

Things went well. It could have been the happy ending to an entrepreneurship story.

Then this thing happened that sent my life crashing.

My business was hard-hit by the financial crisis. I lost everything. I was a 40-year-old “uncle” that had lost touch with the job market for years. All was gone for me. 

Or so I thought.

One day, I came across this interesting discipline called “Forex Trading”. It spoke of an attractive 5-digit monthly income while giving the security of keeping my day job.

I WAS INTRIGUED. This could be the answer to my hopes of financial freedom.

If I got this right, I could give my family a better life, retire in comfort, travel, see the world and do what I really love.

But as the saying goes, “There is no reward without hard work.”

I fell so hard when I first started trading Forex. Lost multiple accounts. Said goodbye to my hard-earned savings. In my best season, I was at most breaking even. I would make some money, get very excited, and then lose it back again in the next moment.

I kept asking myself, “What did I do wrong??”

Then I realised it: I wasn't trading Forex with a strategy that suited me, nor was I trading with the right mindset.

I was just blindly following "guru advice", without understanding how the financial markets really worked.

I dashed in and got slaughtered by all the big players -- the institutions, central banks and professionals who control the zero sum game of Forex.   

So for the next 7 years, I vigorously studied all the Forex books and legit tutorials I could find on Forex trading.

I practised at least 3 hours every day. Kept reviewing my strategies. Wrote in my trading journal. Exchanged pointers with friends. Practised again.

Eventually, I devised a time-tested method that I have come to trust for all my trading decisions.

Today, I am happy to report that I am financially free, and living my dreams — being a Forex coach helping others to achieve their dreams.

And my students are using the very same method to make great profits in the market, some even outperforming me. One of my best students, who runs his own business, even went on to profit USD 6 million within 2 years of trading!

Now, I’m not sharing all these very personal details to impress you with my "success story".

All I want you to know is: We are not that different.

We are simply people who hope to make a better life for ourselves and our family.

And if a 40-year-old guy who lost his business can stand back up and learn the ropes to profitable trading, I believe you can too.

The only difference is you don’t have to make all the silly mistakes, spend years trying to figure things out on your own, spend hours hunting for setups every day, and lose thousands of dollars and suffer all the heart pain that I (and many novice traders) did.

And I sincerely want to show you how.

So if you really want to make great profits through Forex, cut short your learning curve and avoid stepping on money-burning Forex landmines, here goes!

Introducing: Order Flow Trading
(aka the "killer" Forex strategy that helps you secure a great margin, achieve a risk-reward > 1:3, while using ZERO indicators)

1) To Win the Zero-Sum Game of Forex,
We MUST Trade on the Same Side as the "Big Players"

If you really study the way the financial markets work, you will realise that the currency market is dominated by big players and professionals -- the central banks and institutions.

These powerful forces have the capacity to make buy-and-sell orders by the thousands, and their daily activities influence the way the prices move.

Now, imagine what happens when we, the small-time retail traders, pit ourselves against the big players?

(As the Chinese saying goes, "Throwing an egg against the rock.")

We become the liquidity the market needs. 

I think none of us wants to lose our hard-earned capital. And that is why my students and I train ourselves to trade on the same side as the institutions. 

That's also why my method is called "Order Flow Trading". Because what we do is identify institutional order flow -- locate when the big players are placing orders, and profit along with them. 

When you meet me at my free workshop, I will show you actual charts on how my students and I regularly rake in hundreds and thousands of pips, by following this useful strategy that so many traders are unaware of. 

2) If You're Sick of Having Indicators Clutter Your Screen,
or Are Having Difficulties Plotting Them...
GOOD NEWS: My Method Doesn't Rely on Indicators

Some traders I've met become confused when the platform updates to a new version and all their pre-installed indicators disappear.

Other more seasoned traders lament about the low profit margins that arise when the signals appear -- when the opportune window has already passed. 

Personally, I don't rely on indicators and here's why. 

I observe that indicators tend to display a buy or sell signal only when the price line has developed significantly. This means that, by the time the trader is alerted to go into action, it's too late and the profit margin you can take is greatly reduced.

That's why I trade another method, known as “Supply-Demand Imbalance”.

We know that price movements in the financial markets are caused by the imbalance between sellers (Supply) and buyers (Demand).

With Order Flow Trading, we identify the price levels with the greatest imbalance, so that we can pick up tradable patterns long before we can see them unfold on the chart

At my free workshop, I'll show you how I "see" in advance the future price turning points, so you can enter near the bottom and secure a big margin.

(Disclaimer: This is NOT some dubious method where you can "predict" the market. This is a strategy backed by logical rules, time-tested by me and my students, that is helping us anticipate the price turning points with high levels of accuracy. I know many people have grown skeptical of all the "proven Forex workshops" and "crash courses" out there. Allow me to share with you how my method is the real deal :-) ) 

3) To Summarise My Method in 4 Words, It's This:
                  JUST FOLLOW THE RULES.

We embrace a very logical method based on pure technical analysis. We don't trade news. Meaning, you don't panic whenever something happens to the economy and get swayed and affected by all the speculations and reports in the market. 

All our trading decisions are guided by a set of 50 time-tested rules, divided into 3 setup conditions that my students and I have used time and again to make profits -- no matter if the market is moving up, down or even horizontally.

Forex trading is a numbers game and if you discipline yourself to follow the rules, making money is definitely within your reach.  

The reason why so many people lose money is because they succumb to their emotions and make irrational decisions that jeopardise their profits.  

One of my student Andrea from Jakarta says, "Greed is every traders' worst enemy and the key to trade successfully in Forex is patience and the ability to control our emotions."

They panic when they see the price going down and exit when it’s too early. Or they blindly follow the trends and only enter the market when the price is too expensive. 

That’s why I stick by my Fundamentals & Technical Analysis and embrace a purely rule-based strategy. I trust this logical method for 100% of my trades. And I’ve been making wonderful profits for 13 years. :)

This is where you just need to follow the rules, step-by-step. If my students, some who knew nothing about Forex, can learn and apply this strategy, you can too.

4) By Achieving a Risk-Reward of 1:3 (or more!), 
You Can Achieve Reliable and Fruitful Returns... Even If You ONLY Win 25% of the Time.

Many people think there is a SURE-WIN method that pro traders use to make big money. That couldn't be farther from the truth. 

There is NO sure-win method to Forex trading.

Even the best traders in the world don’t achieve a 100% win rate. And we don’t need to. Because what we focus on is mastering our Rs — Risk and Reward.

Many seasoned traders I've met focus on achieving a high winning rate. (After all, no one wants to lose, right?) I've met people who're able to win 70% to 80% of the time! Yet when you look at their profits... it's even lower than that of my newbie students who only win 1/4 of the time.


Because these seasoned traders, while achieving their high winning rate, also had to maintain a risk-reward of 1:1 or 1:1.5 at best. Thus, while they are able to win most of the time, the profits are mediocre. That's why many traders are abandoning this strategy and going for methods that can bring them greater returns in shorter time.

When we meet at my workshop, let me show you how to manage increased risk on all your winning trades. You will be surprised to see how much more you can consistently profit from your trades… without needing to win most of the time

5) You don't have to constantly monitor the charts
for fear of price fluctuations. 

You can keep your day job and still be a profitable trader.

Many Singaporean Forex traders don't have the luxury of trading full-time. Many of us have work and family commitments. By the time we reach home we are so tired that we just don't have the energy to analyse the charts.

Time is one of the reasons why people give up on trading. They just can't find the time to "camp" in front of their computer constantly. For some FX trading methods, such as intraday, you need to monitor the charts closely to take your profits.

I'm not saying this won't work. I just think many Singaporean traders would prefer a more flexible approach that fits their lifestyle.

As swing traders, my students and I don't face this problem. That's because our strategy involves a slightly longer timeframe -- we can hold our position for at least 4 hours, or even days. This means that once we have set up and entered our trades, we can leave our computer to do other things, like watching TV or playing with our kids.

This also reduces the emotional stress we face from watching the price go up and down, doesn't it? :)

Here’s a Sneak Peek of My Order Flow Trading Method:
  • Develop the winning mindset of top-performing Forex traders and learn how they manage their money.
  • Learn how the financial markets really work based on Supply and Demand, without relying on any indicators.
  • Embrace a ruled-based strategy and guide all your trading decisions with 50 logical, time-tested rules.
  • Master an effective and direct trading method that you can practise and apply with ease immediately.
  • Anticipate future price turning points with accuracy and enter trades with confidence.
  • Learn to manage a high risk-reward ratio of at least 1:3, so you can take profits... even without a high winning rate.
  • Grasp the rules to execute countertrend trades and watch your profits grow.
  • Protect your trading capital and make sure you stay in the Forex business for the long term.
  • Know when the big order traders enter the market and understand their game plan so you can profit on the same side as them.
  • ... and much more!

"Thank you, Mr Benny."

What I found most impressive about Benny's technique is that it’s not software or indicator-dependent. We don’t have to rely on any membership or pay for subscription to any software, which is the case with the novice.

Supply & Demand gave me added insights into the proper concept of trading. I now focus on this, and enjoy applying it very much.

~ Daniel A Bung
Jakarta, 08 March 2013

"I am more assured now in my trading journey"

Previously, I never followed any rules and only followed my emotions for all my trades. My trading account went through many ups and downs and I never knew the reason.
Like many traders, I suffered great financial loss.
After attending Order Flow Trader, I realised the importance of the supply-demand concept in trading.
With the strategies and clarity that I experienced from the programme, I am more assured now in my trading journey. I endeavour to follow Benny’s teachings, with achieving consistent profits as my ultimate goal.

~ Nicholas Pang
   Feb 2016

"Benny taught us very specific rules to find trades with a higher probability of success."

Benny taught us a direct way of trading Forex by observing pure price action. Since I was new to Forex trading, I found it simpler to pick up the skills without cluttering my screen with different indicators. 

Benny taught us very specific rules to find trades with a higher probability of success. He also taught us the importance of good money management.

I discipline myself to study the notes and apply the rules taught by Benny constantly to fish for my trades.

~ Tony Chai

"Thank you Benny and all the Student Mentors!"

I'm happy to share that after years of trading Forex and many losing trades, I have managed to achieve huge results in just 10 days after attending the workshop.
All this was done thanks to the concept of Supply and Demand taught during the workshop. 
I have never seen such a wonderful support team before and am now proud to be part of the OFT community.

I feel that I'm finally in the right place to fulfil my dreams.

~ Murali Ganesan
   Jul 2016

...and that’s only the beginning. You’ll get all the practice you need with my dedicated support system.

I’ve seen many traders come and go. 80% of them give up within a few weeks because they lose money through the wrong methods, give in to their emotions, or simply don’t have the determination to succeed.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

Speaking from experience, I know that traders need time, practice and a lot of encouragement to build up their confidence in Forex trading.

When you join me for my coaching programme, I’ll personally handhold you through your trading journey. You will get all the support and resources you need to hone your skills and see your ideal profits come true.

I’m not here to make empty promises.
Hear what my community of students have to say! 

"The follow-up support that
Benny gave is something very respectable and rarely seen."

Benny's programme was easy to follow as he explained with clear examples. He was extremely patient and always encouraged us to challenge our understanding of what he was teaching, making the tutorials interactive. Benny is the real deal — a veteran trader and passionate educator who wants his students to succeed. The follow-up support that he gave voluntarily to his students is something very respectable and rarely seen. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to learn Forex trading to join Benny's programme.

~ Jon Tan

"Benny brought back the confidence I had lost with earlier trades."

Benny’s approachable attitude and willingness to share beyond the classroom was simply amazing. I’d be emailing or skyping him to share strategies even in the middle of the night! 

I had gained 673 pips in a week, trading using Benny’s methods and was able to hit 1500% in profits within a month.

As such, it’s safe to say, Benny was my saviour! You brought back the confidence which I had lost with my earlier trades. I am confident that your professionalism, intelligence and willingness to share will be great assets to any one.

~ Mustafa Nabeel Tzn
07 March 2013

"Benny’s weekly webinars and support group helped me a lot in improving my skills."

I had attended some other Forex programmes, but Benny’s was the best. First of all, his method is simple, but really effective. Through the programme, I gained a lot of useful knowledge about the Forex market and understood deeply how the market works. His after-programme support is really wonderful — something I have not experienced with any other programmes. His weekly webinars and support group helped me a lot in improving my skills. I really appreciate Benny’s support. He’s the most enthusiastic teacher I've ever met and have taught us from his heart.

~ Nguyen Thanh Dung

"With Benny's help and guidance, I have a stronger determination to succeed in Forex."

I am lucky that I found Benny on my journey to success in Forex. While one-off courses are popular nowadays, Benny's follow-up approach is very creative and effective for Forex students. 

Many will agree that the commencing period can be the toughest in Forex and many newbies tend to give up. With Benny's help and guidance, I was able to not just survive but to have a stronger determination each day to succeed in Forex. 

Benny teaches from his heart — I feel well cared for and really enjoyed attending his programme, webinars and coaching sessions.

~ Trang Dao
Keen to be a Smart & Profitable Forex Trader?
Find out more about my method at my free Introductory Workshop!

My next intake of Order Flow Trader is starting soon and I invite you to come for my free 3-hour workshop to learn more about this method that is helping both beginner and seasoned traders increase their profits, trade with confidence, and build a consistent monthly income through Forex.

You don’t have to pay a single dollar to attend this session, and it’s obligation-free.

What I ask is that you give yourself an opportunity to find out if my Order Flow Trading system suits your trading needs.

At the session, I will share with you exactly what you will learn and how you will benefit.

You can also ask me any questions or doubts you have about Forex trading.

See you then!

Warmest Regards,

Benny Liang
Professional Forex Coach
Principal Trainer, Order Flow Trader

P.S. I’m an associate with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) now; they've been around for 15 years and voted "Most Preferred Financial Educator" thrice by thousands of traders at the ShareInvestor Awards. So if they chose to work with me, I hope that makes you even more convinced to come meet me in person. :-)

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Today, Benny is respected for being a seasoned Forex coach offering one of the most dedicated post-programme support systems in the industry. He has imparted his trading skills to over 800 students in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia. One of his best students, an entrepreneur, even went on to achieve a 7-figure profit within 2 years of trading!
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