Especially for Traders Who Are Tired of Second-Guessing the Market and Burning Your Trading Capital
Hear this Ex-Proprietary Trader Reveal Prop Desk Secrets of How Market Makers Are Rigging Price Charts… and How You Can Make the Right Trades by Decoding their Game Plan
Get Into the Minds of Big Players & Profit Alongside Them with SG's FIRST and ONLY Webinar on Price Action Manipulation
Especially for Traders Who Are Tired of Second-Guessing the Market and Burning Your Trading Capital
Hear this Ex-Proprietary Trader Reveal Prop Desk Secrets of How Market Makers Are Rigging Price Charts… and How You Can Make the Right Trades by Decoding their Game Plan
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100% Privacy Guaranteed


 100% Privacy Guaranteed
Dear fellow trader,

My name is Alson, a former proprietary trader with a professional trading firm. Now I trade full-time for a living.

Like most forward-looking traders, I believe you want to learn a trustworthy trading strategy that can help you make accurate trade analysis and make reliable profits day after day.

Challenge is, the markets are not as clear-cut as we think.
Has this happened to you? 

The stock prices rise and you tell yourself, "Okay, this meets my trading rules, let’s go for it."

But right after you buy, the prices suddenly plummet – falling so low that it hit your stop-loss orders, causing you to lose money before hiking back up the charts again.

Despite your best efforts, the sudden price U-turns always seem to catch you unaware and threaten to wipe out your capital.

You begin to lose faith in your trading plan as the market keeps springing surprises that contradict what you learnt in the books and websites.

“All the signals are in place, so why did the market go against me?”

During my prop trading career, I spent 5 years studying these "unnatural price patterns".

Like you, I was baffled by the erratic movements of the markets. It was as if someone was watching our trade decisions and going against our every move.

After repeated failing and analysing the charts, I realised one truth:

Market manipulation is very real. 

As we speak, big financial institutions (known as “Market Makers”) are falsifying supply & demand to make retail traders believe the market is moving in their favour.

Once we buy into the market condition they simulated, they turn the charts around and target our stop-loss orders.

… causing 90% of unsuspecting retail traders to lose their hard-earned capital.

If price charts can be easily manipulated, how can we win?

Our biggest opportunity is not to go head-on against the big players, but to spot their intentions and trade beside them.

By knowing exactly when the Market Makers strike, we can secure the right trades before other retail traders and get out before the prices turn against us. 

This is how I trade for a living and it helped me maintain 20 winning quarters in a row with a net profit of USD 1.2 million.

By sharing my strategy, I hope it can add value to your trading plan and change the way you see the markets.

Before I go on: I believe that in this industry, credibility and trust is important.

Nobody wants to learn trading from an “educator” with only a one-hit-wonder strategy and no track record.

So let me share my humble background with you.

How I Discovered the Prop Desk Secret that Helped Me Achieve 20 Winning Quarters in a Row... and Counting

In my industry I'm known by my account code "XSPY".

I chose it as I was trading the S&P500 ETF options (SPY) at that time. It’s also where my brand-name XSPY TRADER came from (yes, there’s really nothing stealthy or 007 to it). 

As proprietary traders, we are entrusted to trade with the firm’s money. Just imagine the stress of managing a 6-digit trading account.

(Thankfully, it also trained me to have nerves of steel in face of market fluctuations.)

We had to be accountable and make consistent profits for ourselves and the firm. Otherwise it’s goodbye. I’ve witnessed underperforming traders who were asked to leave within 3 months.

I had a steep learning curve at the start.

I would make a flawed analysis, get stopped out and not know what went wrong. I would get frustrated from making the wrong choices and losing my capital.

But I was passionate about this trade and continued to study the charts relentlessly. At my peak, I traded 16 hours a day.

One day it hit me.

I noticed that large financial players, a.k.a. "Market Makers" were offering large volume orders to drive prices up and down the charts.

They were literally buying and selling to themselves to falsify supply & demand and manipulate market conditions.

By doing so, they could “print” candlesticks and make retail traders buy into the patterns they created. Then they turn around and target our stop-loss orders… you know how the story ends.

Once I realised this open secret, I changed my entire trading strategy.

I decided that since I couldn’t beat them, I would trade on the same side as them.

After > 15,000 hours of live trading and first-hand research, I developed the “XSPY Price Action Manipulation” strategy.

With it, I learnt to enter the minds of Market Makers – how to think like them, know when exactly they will twist prices, and enter and exit my trades beside them.

I stopped second-guessing the market and started making quick
and sharp analysis. I created a solid trading plan and followed my rules with discipline and commitment.

My efforts paid off. I was honoured to become the top trader in my firm.

After 5 years living the hectic life of a prop trader, I decided to leave the prop desk.

I started the XSPY Trader coaching programme to share my strategy and form a circle of like-minded, serious traders.

Hear Honest Student Reviews About My Coaching Programme:

“Alson opened up my way of trading. Now I know how the Market Makers think!”

I used to be very puzzled about why the market moves so out of sync with present events or any big event release. Now I know how the market makers think! Alson helped me understand how the market operates, which suits my short-term trading style. He was honest, humble and passionate about his craft. Thanks Alson! You opened up my way of trading. 

Jess Kang
Assistant Manager

“Alson’s proven methods will help us improve our returns and accumulate our wealth.”

It was a great experience to get the best out of Alson’s trading strategy. His tested, proven and adaptable methods will lead our class participants to improve our returns, manage risk to cut losses and accumulate our wealth.

Alson gave practical examples that highlight his trading experience. The follow-up sessions also help us revise after applying the strategies learnt. Thank you Alson!

Sivakumar Subramanyam
Here’s How the “XSPY Price Action Manipulation” Strategy Is Unique, and Why You Should Learn It
#1 It is the only trading strategy taught in Singapore that shows you how to decode Market Makers’ price manipulation.

Other price action programmes teach you to see price movements — but they don’t show you the manipulation going on behind-the-scenes.

With me, you learn to get into the minds of Market Makers and see the charts like they do.

You no longer have to second-guess the charts and wonder what you did wrong.

Over my prop trading career, I’ve encountered all kinds of market scenarios. I spent >15,000 live trading hours sharpening my skills and learning from bad trades.

This unique strategy is the result of my hard work and research. You will not learn this from any trading websites or books.

Come to my free workshop and hear it for yourself.

“Alson is a true professional who knows stuff that other trainers do not. Helpful, sincere and honest; his actions speak louder than his words.”

Having attended some unpleasant trading programmes, I was hesitant about pouring money for yet another “trading strategy”. Everyone has some strategy that can work in some conditions.

But I found Alson to be refreshingly humble and honest. He makes his students feel comfortable when answering our questions.

What sets him apart is that he’s a true professional who is helpful, sincere and patient. He knows his stuff and he knows stuff that other trainers (self-taught gurus) do not.

The best part of the programme was learning the secrets of market maker psychology, their intentions and actions. I’m glad I joined Spytrader Futures.

Chris Chua
Legal Counsel

“My most valuable takeaway was learning the market makers’ way of accumulation and distribution, and their way of taking out stops.”

I appreciate Alson’s willingness to share from his knowledge and experiences as a professional trader. He has very good insights on the subject matter and I trust that he will continue to refine his programme

My most valuable takeaway was learning the market makers’ way of accumulation and distribution, and their way of taking out stops. I hope this makes us the 5% of traders that are profitable. I’m glad to be part of Spytrader Futures.

James Xie Guo Zhong 
Application Consultant

#2 You learn straight from a true-blue ex-prop trader who now trades full-time for a living.

You may have encountered courses out there offering “proven formulas” and “auto robots”.

These may work — in fair-weather market conditions. But as intelligent traders, you know we cannot rely on these “easy trading systems” for consistent, long-term returns.

I strongly believe in trading the only way I know how to — with clear judgment, sharp analysis and firm discipline.

The difference is, you don’t have to experiment with dozens of different techniques, struggling to find a system that works for you.

I’ll help shorten your learning curve by sharing prop desk insights I’ve learnt, stripping my strategy down to the step-by-step essentials that can help you profit.

At the free workshop, I’ll show you real charts of how I take profit using my strategy.

“No sales talk — just pure trading talk, pure price action strategy.”

With Alson there’s no sales talk — just pure  trading talk, going straight to the point on pure price action strategy.

The best part of the programme for me was learning how to set up the platform and how to manage risk-reward. It also helped me understand the market makers’ mindset. Good job, Alson!

Manish K. Desai 

“Attend XSPY Trader to enhance your trading edge.”

XSPY Trader offers an interesting perspective from an ex-proprietary trader. Alson was approachable and friendly, and he helped us to avoid the pitfalls of trading.

The best thing I learnt from this programme was understanding how market makers manipulate the market. I encourage aspiring traders to attend XSPY Trader to enhance their trading edge.

Daryl Teo 
#3 You Learn to Profit from the Underrated Skill of Futures Trading Trusted by Professionals

Most trading programmes focus on stocks or Forex. Many traders avoid Futures like plague because they think it’s “too risky”.

As someone who specialises in Futures, I know these fears are unfounded. For one, you can trade 23 hours a day and only risk 1 hour of uncertainty. You’re not tied to market hours, rushing in when the market opens like you do with stocks.

When we meet at my free workshop, you will learn little-known secrets about Futures that can improve your trading potential.

If you’ve always been curious about Futures, here is a good place to start.

“I enjoyed the step-by-step guideline on trading futures, including the set-up of basic screens and software setting.”

XSPY Trader is a good programme for people who want to start futures trading. What I enjoyed about the programme was the step-by-step guideline on trading futures, including the set-up of basic screens and software setting.

Thanks to Alson for his positive teaching and willingness to share his knowledge and guide other traders. I learnt how to set rules and be disciplined as a trader. Attend this programme to learn how real futures trades operate and real experience sharing to avoid future failure!

Derek Lim Chiong Huat

#4 You trade on pure bars and charts. No lagging indicators, no messy screens, no market noise.

Why clutter your screens and overwhelm yourselves with slow indicators, when you can actually read clean charts based on the only indicator that matters — PRICE.

Here’s what my students and I see every day:

Here you can focus purely on price movements and stop worrying about the news. You’ll realise how prices move as the result of traders’ immediate reaction to news releases.

You'll be surprised at how you can see the most likely direction of the market using price action... way before the papers hit the newsstand.

“Well-structured; the small class was cozy and conducive for learning and interaction.”

I found the programme well-structured and informative. The small class setting was very cozy and conducive for learning and interaction. I was truly engaged by the programme and the great sharing by Alson — always smiling, frank and ever eager to teach. My biggest takeaway was learning how to trade futures and price action. Thanks!
Chua Hock Leong
RSAF personnel
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Frequently Asked Questions
"Is this one of those get-rich-quick workshops with hard-sell tactics?"

I’ll be honest with you here. I’m a trader by profession, not a speaker/salesman.

This means I don’t have a glib tongue and I’m not good at hyping people up with millionaire dreams and get-rich-quick guarantees.

My strategy is especially powerful for serious traders who want to make an income through trading.

It is not recommended for lazy people who want to make easy money without effort.

But if you're looking for an honest coach and a straight-to-the-point trading strategy, I sincerely invite you to learn more at my FREE workshop.

There'll be no oily sales pitches – just honest sharing of my trading tactics and a rare glimpse into proprietary trading practices.

"If you are so good, why teach?"

After 5 years as a prop trader, I realised trading on my own was dull and lonely. It is my sincere wish to start my own circle of like-minded traders.

Now, my students and I chat about our setups every day and we learn from one another’s wins and mistakes. It is a fulfilling experience to help others succeed in a craft you love.

I still trade the markets every day and I’m in tune with the challenges my students face.

When you ask me market questions at my FREE workshop, you will know I’m telling the truth.

And if you see the value in my strategy, you're welcome to join my programme and trading circle. I hope you give yourself a chance to learn if this strategy suits you. 

So hit the REGISTER button now and I’ll see you at the workshop! :)

Yours sincerely,

Alson Chew

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About Alson Chew

Alson is a former senior proprietary trader at an established boutique firm, where he traded a proprietary fund and achieved the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row. 

With his acute market analysis, Alson have achieved a total net profit of more than SGD 1.2 million trading the financial markets over the years.

With more than 8 years of live trading and research, Alson gained insider insights into the market’s inner workings. He eventually decoded market manipulation and created his trademark XSPY™️ Price Action Manipulation strategy for directional trading in U.S Equities, Index, Forex and Commodities.

Hailed a skilful and sincere trading coach, Alson has imparted his techniques to more than 1,000 students in both Singapore and Malaysia. 

As a financial educator, he has also shared the stage at regional wealth seminars with the renowned investment speaker, Adam Khoo.

Alson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from the Singapore Management University and has passed the Certified Financial Planner course by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore. 
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